Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 13...The Longest Drive

We had to wake up fairly early on Saturday morning because we had quite the drive in front of us: nearly 875 miles from Baltimore to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where Eric's girlfriend lived. I'm not exactly sure why we incorporated this into our trip, but we had to get him back to Northwestern for summer classes, and though Manitowoc certainly wasn't on the way, it didn't add that much to our trip.

The plan was to hit the road by 6:00 am, so I was up and in the shower not long after 5:00. While the water fell on my very tired body, I heard Eric’s voice in a loud whisper from the bathroom door asking where I put the keys to the car. The night before, I had borrowed them to get something from the car. Unfortunately we soon came to find out that I must have set them down on the dashboard and locked them inside the vehicle because that’s where they were!

After the two of us tried fruitlessly to break into the car, Eric called AAA. They said they’d send someone out and they’d be there in the next hour. Or two. Long story short, by the time we actually got out it was after 8:00 EDT. After a later than anticipated start, we were on the road. 

There are two other things, I remember about that day. When we arrived in Manitawoc it was 10:30 pm CST. The reason I remember that is that the opening to Saturday Night Live was on as we came into the house. The other thing I remember is that in the 15 1/2 hours on the road that day, we played A LOT of Strat-o-matic baseball.

The trip was winding to a close, but what an adventure it had been!

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Miles driven today: 873 miles
Total miles driven: 3,245 miles

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