Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 14...Manitowoc and Home

Sunday was Father's Day, and Eric and I spent it with his girlfriend and her father. He owned a sailboat and took us out for a sail that morning on Lake Michigan. It was a great time, unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I had never been sailing before, even on a small lake. And to sail on Lake! What an experience! I remember having the opportunity to take control of the vessel, which was a sailboat about 30 feet in length. As the sail caught the wind, the boat began to list, and I quickly shifted the rudder in fear that we might capsize. I was assured that I needn't worry; they had tried to bury the wooden rail that ran around the top of the boat's hull, but never been able to. "Really?" I asked. Again, I was assured I needn't worry.

Emboldened now, I steered once more so as to catch the full force of the wind, and like we had been shot out of a cannon, we were off. I'll never forget the amazing opportunity to feel like you had captured the wind and were drawing out all its power to be utilized under your control. It was an absolute thrill!

That afternoon, still flying high from our boat ride, we had to carry on to the conclusion of our trip. We drove back to Northwestern, where we dropped Eric off at the fraternity house where he would be living as he took summer classes. And after that, I made the drive south myself, down Interstate 55 and back to St. Louis. It was fairly late when I returned home and the next day I would have to return Mr. Hendrickson's car to him. Sadly, the trip was at this point nothing but a memory. But it what an amazing memory it was!

Distance driven today: 478 miles
Total distance driven: 3,723 miles

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